13 October 2011


Don't know if you have watched it yet....
I wouldn't have, except for the strange neighbors...

I posted about a bunch of strangers that invaded my 

If you need a memory jolt,
or just some info on this...
check it out HERE.....
and HERE...
and finally, HERE

One day,
 the trucks arrived....
and the catering tents.....
and the lighting guys....
and then,
 an influx of people of all sorts
(see previous posts for photos)

strange things started happening.....
my nosey neighbors became silent.....
silence seemed to permeate even the daylight hours...
followed by hours of heightened expected sounds...
the night "lit up wildly"....

What's it all about Alfie?

The filming of the new series,
that's what...
right here in river city, oops,
 make that my hometown...

Claire Danes
stars as an "on the edge" CIA agent intent on
making up for lost time.....10 years worth....
ambitious, and very intense.

I recorded the first two episodes.
I am not a network TV viewer.....
Neilson rating would hate me....
I watch stuff that most people don't even know exists on TV....

I am also an avid reader of John Le Carre.
I watch old episodes of "The Avengers" that come in the mail.
I believe that Tom Clancy just might be a genius...

when I found that this hoopla
was about a spy series on Showtime
I became open-minded to the idea of something I view
as "network"...

I've not been disappointed.
It is pretty intense.
I have been impressed with Ms. Danes
and I have long felt that
Mandy Patinkin was one of the most interesting
actors of my generation.

But what keeps me on the edge of my seat,
is seeing images of places I know well....

Of course, the living room that Claire sits in
monitoring her "suspect" is familiar, it's my
neighbor's living room.
Painted slightly different,
and furnished with props,
but still,
I certainly recognize the door to the storage room outback,
I have one too...

 then there is the scene
that they filmed to depict the exterior of her home,
I know that brick and wrought iron exterior!
I sold those condos in 1980!
I know that exterior scene with the whole family in front of a building,
that is the old terminal building at the airport!
I was a Flight Attendant for Piedmont Airlines in 1981, and saw that building
quite a bit...
I know that house that the "suspect" lives in!
If you go out my back door and walk about 1/4 mile, you will be in the backyard of
that house....
(last one, I promise)
I know that park, where the "suspect" meets the wife of his comrade!
I have gone to the fall "Festival in the Park" there since I was in grade school.

What fun!
I must have stopped the action 2 dozen times....
I now wish that all TV shows were filmed in my town,
my neighborhood.
I haven't enjoyed watching a show this much since
"Dallas"....but that's a whole different story.

I love the idea of recognizing these places,
sort of an interactive TV show, if you will....
I am having fun!


  1. How exciting! We occasionally get film crews in our neighborhood but nothing like this. WOW.
    I'll tune into the show and check it out.

  2. I keep forgetting to watch...thank heavens for on demand.

  3. It's quite nearly 'audience participation' television for you. How much fun!

  4. Not much of a TV viewer either. I think Pan Am has been the only thing I have seen lately and I watched that in my studio on TV Guide.com. (Of course I hear they are canceling the series, I am usually the kiss of death. If I like it it;s gone.) I will definitely watch this now. I love being able to reference scenes to someplace familiar. I will be watching for all the spots you have pointed out. How exciting!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.