31 October 2012

What a mess....

I'm sure you have seen the images...
the unbelievable destruction...
Piers and docks torn apart..
Boats and ships sitting in neighborhoods....
Homes burned to the ground.

It is hard to look at....really.

But look we must.

As Americans we know.....
that New Yorkers (and their neighbors)
are resilient.

More than resilient, 
they are "hardcore".

They will rebuild,
they will be hopeful,
they will not let this thing called Sandy
defeat them.

In a strange way,
we all look up to them.

Look what they did after 9/11!

We can help in many ways,
but this is what I suggest.

Contribute what you can to the 
(I've linked it so you can go directly to the site!)
It is easy, fast and so very worthwhile.
And there is an added benefit,
you feel like a hero once you've helped.

The next thing I would suggest 
is that we ALL get ready for the next 

Here's what I mean;
We all live where something can happen beyond our control.
Maybe you live far from the coast, you could have a tornado.
Maybe you live high on a mountain, you could have a fire.
And don't get me started on earthquakes and volcanoes......

So, let's be proactive.
Let's get ready for what may lay ahead.

has an online check list to help you prepare your family and home.
You can go directly to their website and copy it to your computer.

Confession time....
I have been "thinking" about preparing our home for a disaster
for months.
How lame is that?

See the images on the morning news has convinced me that 
if I want to really count myself as a responsible adult,
I must do this.

How about you?....

Hopeful smiles...