30 December 2011

Giving thanks...

When in doubt, 
 show up early. 
Think less. 
Feel more. 
Ask once. 
Give thanks often. 
Expect the best. 
Appreciate everything. 
Never give up. 
Make it fun. 
live as if
 your success
 was inevitable, 
and so it shall be.
Happy global domination,
The Universe

(many thanks for having faith in me....smiles)

27 December 2011

a review of the holidays....

I discovered that a dear friend is actually 
"Mrs. Claus"
Hence, Christmas-towne in her living room....

Then, to IKEA
my sweetie & I went..

Then home to decorate...

Another dear friend supplied us with a 
Charlie Brown tree...

one of my favorite ornaments....

the only time of the year in which my office is slightly presentable...

Another day, preparations for dinner for 10....

then a visit from
the daughter, who was single, blonde and pet-less last year...

who brought her new husband, dog

RED hair this year!

An ornament to remind us of the V&A in London..

Lovely cards from all over...

These photos were all taken on the run...
mostly with my new iPhone....
I am still in the learning stage with it.
Hope your holidays have been 
interesting, calm and joyous...