07 June 2008

Beach thoughts.......

Anne loved the beach.
We all do.....but Anne really did.
She loved sitting with the sand between her toes.....
She loved a cold beer in her hand, sunglasses to hide where she was looking, and a good hairband to hold her beautiful thick hair out of her way.
She tanned beautifully.
She loved the whole beach experience.
I leave for the beach on Tuesday. Anne would have been going with us.
I know she will be there with us on her own terms now.
She will talk to us through the crash of the waves......
She will touch us with the wind on our faces.......
She will look at us through the eyes of an angel......
We will miss her, but she will be there.
I imagine that in heaven, she looks like she does in this photo,
beautiful, healthy and definitely in charge........
Did I say we will miss her?

06 June 2008


I love my new camera!!!!!
It came last Thursday, and I have been fooling around with it ever since.
David researched and decided that this was the camera for me.
I love that!
I have never had someone in my life that loved me enough to do a thing like that....... Of course my parents did. But it is not the same as when you are pretending to be an adult, and are all independent, and self sufficient.
I have had so much fun with it for the last few days and finally got around to downloading to my computer.
What fun!
We have guests this weekend,
lots of family, and many events to participate in....
That means photo-ops.

02 June 2008

Travel notes....

We drove to Cincinnati this past weekend. We went primarily to see David's dad and his wife. But we ended up attending a funeral for his dad's best friend. It was very sad to see how many people will miss this old guy, but heart warming to see how much they all loved him, including my father-in-law. We didn't get much sleep, or even eat properly, and we are both feeling it now that we are home, but we accomplished something that many people never do.......
We made an old man very proud and happy to have a son that would travel for 8 hours to be with his dad at a very important time.
It is awful to think how much time is wasted.......
It is truly awful to see people living in denial of the truth, and
seeing how it affects all of those around them.
It is very hard to explain what I mean, because the examples of this, in my life, are......... complicated.
But suffice to say, when people live their lives based on falsehoods, or imaginary truths, people suffer.
I am so grateful for the time that I have had to see what the truth is.......
Life is good.
Family is so important.
Friends are right up there too.
Politics, religion, money, prestige, notoriety, position, power.............all fleeting.