07 November 2011

More Londontowne....

If you ever are given the opportunity to 
escape your "work-a-day life"
and travel
Here is a tip...
try London first.

Not just because 
I've been there.

we do love
easy don't we?

This is 
Windsor Castle...
Home of the Queen

She wasn't "in"
as you can tell be the 
flag they were flying that day.
"Her flag"
only flies when she is in...

tourists look the same 
all over the world...

I like the little 
"crown" detail on top of 
her  coach-lights....
Maybe I will fashion a couple of those for my 
front lights out of papiermache'....

Not allowed through the front gate,
we had to go around the side to the 
"Pions Entrance"
(that's ok, I wouldn't have it any other way)

Below is a
slot (technical term)
through which they would 
shoot arrows, or weapons of any sort.
The small cross section is so that you can 
pivot your bow and arrow to the sides.
Not all enemies would be kind enough to stand 
straight in front of the slot apparently....

this surprised me...
a tropical oasis on the south flank 
of her castle...

Truly lovely...

Security was everywhere,
but not in an imposing way....
I felt quite safe.

The view is incredible..
the castle is on a small rise,
surrounded by flatlands.
Quite defendable I would imagine.

Below is an alien....
(that's what I call it anyway)
I didn't get any closer,
I watch the Doctor
(Dr. Who)
and am aware of what aliens might do if bothered.

Below, a relative of the queen I would presume...

We were not allowed in this area either,
as you can see
it is being guarded...

As with any old house, 
one must constantly do repairs...
See the scaffolding on the right of this photo...
even the Queen has repairs...

And who doesn't want to have their picture taken with the
guards....these two shy middle-schoolers, my guess..

They don't allow photos to be taken inside the castle,
so back on the bus....
and a lovely bus it is...

Next time,
where we will smell sulfur,
eat fudge
and be grateful for indoor plumbing...