16 April 2010

Soap Box Friday...

I love Fridays...
I love azaleas.....
I love warm spring breezes....

I am bored with politics...
no, to be more precise...
I am annoyed.

I am usually able to ignore the rantings and ravings of
so many people that seem to think that they 
have all the answers.

Got news ...
No one person has all the answers.
No one party has all the answers.
No one nation has all the answers.

here is a thought....
one idea embraced by all the 
religions, and many cultures...
it is known by many names,
such as,
the Golden Rule,
"what goes around...."
you get the idea.

I have learned a thing or two....
one thing I have observed
that people,
regardless of origin,
faith, politics, etc...
tend to react in an 
extreme manner when they are scared.
Fear causes all sorts 
of bad behavior.
Behavior that we regret 
in retrospect.

Something I have noticed lately,
is that my friends (and some not so much)
are using the social media outlets
to express feelings of outrage.
Extreme feelings.
Feelings that sound like a riot when I read them.
Who are these people?
When did they develop these extreme views?
Why didn't I notice before?
What's up, Doc?

I don't have the answers.
But I am curious my bloggy friends,
have you noticed this too?
What do you think?
Why is it suddenly so obvious to me?

I would love to get your input,
and feelings regarding this phenomenon.
Thank you,