04 September 2009

I just can't get enough.....

Of these guys...
and gals...
they are just fascinating to watch...
they are so accustomed to me now that I can just about sit
right under the feeder and watch them...
I don't know volumes on hummingbirds,
but what I understand is that they
are now in the process of fattening up (and who wouldn't)
for their long flight south for the winter.
I love to watch them
flit about,
hit that feeder,
fight with each other...
and wasps...
and honey bees....
and other birds...
I think they are just the
perfect obsession for a sunny
Friday afternoon..

31 August 2009

Denim Obsession....

I may have gone over the edge....
I am dreaming about denim now...
or at least the pursuit of said denim..
Greatest fear?
Will there be enough?
Yes, I know
that's silly, of course there will be enough.
But, could you clue my dreams into the facts of life..
I thought not.
Do you have strange dreams?
Are you running from something?
Do they ever catch you?
Are your dreams in color?
Do you have dreams with "smell-o-vision"?
(sorry Emeril!)
Do you dream every night?
I've never had a dream where I fly,
does that mean I am fulfilled?
I have had dreams where people close to me
died, is that a premonition?
What do you think?