26 February 2010

You may kiss the bride....

While this shot is not technically perfect....
the mood is...

When faced with imperfect conditions,
it is best, I've found to "shoot from the hip"
in other words,
go with your gut.

The minister had just pronounced them 
Man and Wife,
and told the groom he could kiss his new spouse.....

This is not a time to hesitate.

The look of joy transcends 
any and all photographic short comings.

Even the look on the bridesmaid's face is priceless.

Never will any of these people feel exactly the way they did 
on this very moment.


As fast as the camera would let me....
and the film...
as this was a wedding shot on a variety of 
both manufacturer, color, B/W and speeds...
No Photoshop.
Only tweaking in the processing and developing.

and in the end...

23 February 2010

When in Italy....

take the opportunity to shoot brides

wherever possible...

This couple was being photographed 
(very adequately, I must say)
and I was on vacation.

But that dress caught my eye!

Look at the weight of the fabric! 

Look at the detail!

They were in the right spot,
and so was I!

I couldn't resist.
So happy,
so pleased with the day,
so ready for the future...

I think this may be one of the reasons that 
I adore weddings.
So much promise, hope and joy! 

Of course there are exceptions,
but for the most part I have 
had the privilege to shoot 
many weddings just as 
happy and special as the one above.


22 February 2010

Did I mention....

that I am
 oh so
 ready for spring?

That I am completely 
tired of snow...

that it is supposed to 
snow here in the next few days?

I want daffodils,
and tulips,
and crocus,
red-bud trees,
and azaleas,
warm weather.

I want to 
sit on the beach with 
sand in my shoes...

I am a 
Carolina Girl at heart...
when March comes around...
my thoughts stray
to the 
Carolina shore.

Some twenty years ago,
I was in a wedding,
as a bridesmaid,
on an island just south of Charleston, SC
the first weekend in March.
The weather was unseasonably warm,
in the 80's....
and we watched porpoises
just off the shore...
It was a magical weekend.
Live Oaks and Spanish Moss...

I am so ready for spring...

Is bigger better?

I don't think so.....

This wedding took place in Asheville, NC
over 10 years ago.

It was a small, mostly family affair.
The Inn that hosted the wedding,
also took care of all the 
guests on this long sunny weekend.

The reception was a larger,
more formal function at the nearby
Grove Park Inn.

Everyone had traveled some distance to be there.
Some from as far away as Europe.
While small, it was very intimate,
filled with emotion, 
and sentimental.

This moment was just before
the guests were 
hustled into the room in which the wedding was to take 

The bride wanted the groom to see her 
just before,
so that he would not be overwhelmed.....
and neither would she.....

It worked.
The wedding was beautiful.
the reception was grand...
and everyone kept their composure intact.

This is the moment that defined this day....
at least for me.