04 April 2008

Beautiful Brides.....

You just never really know where your experiences will take you. I have photographed brides for over 14 years, and enjoyed almost every minute. Lately, I have chosen to cut back a bit, being on your feet for 8+ hours at a time is tough on the feet. (my dogs scream after 5!) I am picky now. Being 50, I think I deserve that now. I am no longer hungry for work and know that I will be taken care of.... So, what I do best now, is perhaps most accurately described as "mentor" bright new eyes in the business. Several young women have approached me for some advise. I am flattered. I hope that the information that I give them is pertinent, as I still shoot film. I have a digital camera. I use it all the time to shoot jewelry for Heather. But I love what film allows me. I also know that I will be able to get a fairly good image off of a negative, even 50 years from now (someone is bound to keep the art alive). Capturing the beauty of a wedding day is something miraculous. It can be incredibly subtle, or it can be spectacular. Either way, I love it.

03 April 2008


Angels have been placed in my life.
I am absolutely sure of this.
I have felt that my grandmother Bess has always been my "guardian angel". But this is different. I have people, alive and breathing, that gently cruise in and out of my life, with regularity, providing me with curiosity, love, serenity, adventure, etc.. Actually all of the things that make life worth living. Interesting people. People with lives so different from my own, that I am intrigued. It is like God's little treat, just for me. I wake up these days just thinking "What is in store for me today?". And, I am almost never bored. This is an important aspect of this phenomenon.
Leos, of which I am one, really, really hate to be bored. We make mischief when we are bored, and that is almost never the good kind of mischief.
This "turning 50" has been the best year of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see things differently. To appreciate the quiet small aspects of life that give it meaning. So grateful.....

30 March 2008

Heather's jewelry

This is just a taste of the exotic nature of Heather's jewelry.
She is so talented, I marvel at the way she conjures up the image and then manifests it in materials that surprise. This is red coral, and nature pearl. It is a new line for her, and I am thrilled to have the continuing opportunity to photograph her work before it is sent out to the reps, and then on to the museums that carry her work. This set, along with a few others, were my project this weekend. Very inspiring. I am so blessed.