13 February 2010

Been a bit distracted lately...

But I want you to know that I have had
Red Intentions....

What are Red Intentions?

it goes like this...
I wake on February 1st and think to myself
"I've got to keep my eyeballs on the lookout for
Red fabric,
Red paper,
Red flowers,
Red hearts,
Red notebooks,
Red cards,
Red ballons
Red cookies,

So that I can be oh so creative and make the
perfect Valentine.

Well, after a few years you would think that I would know better...
that I might learn that I get really busy every February
(for reasons unknown)
and Valentines Day creeps up on me.

I cut out the hearts

I found flowers...

I even thought I might call you on the
Red Bat Phone, see?

Well, it's almost V-day.
And I have been on the receiving end of this day.

Sweetie took me to dinner last night in the fluffy falling snow...
to my favorite dinner establishment
We ate until we could eat no more...
and then he says...
"I have a gift for you and you cannot refuse it"
now that sounded a bit scary.
He goes on the explain that he has been doing some
research, and asked some questions,
and knows that there is something in the
mall, right next door, that I need.

For the life of me,
all I could think of was Tiffany's...
really better than that
(if you are a photographer)
The Apple Store.

He had in mind
buying me a new Mac.
I will tell you this man knows the way
straight to my heart.

We walked over
found a customer service rep,
(even one our age!)
and bought it.
Just like that.

So, today I am distracted.
I am cleaning up my PC,
so that when I take it in tomorrow
for the brain transplant.
(aka; the file transfer)
Those geeks
(and I mean that in the nicest possible way)
won't think I am the slowest, most disorganized dinosaur
on the planet.

I am so excited.....
I have watched all the tutorials on
I have gotten all my software together,
so that they can help me.
And I am busily
backing up all my photos to my external HD's.

Did I say I am excited?

So you can see,
I didn't make you that sweet
little red thingy I thought I would,
or write the perfect poem,
I want you to know...
I am very grateful for your friendship.
It has helped me,
and made me grow,
and given me confidence,
and shown me how special
all of you are....

12 February 2010

Spring nearly here!

Isn't this bracelet beautiful?
It inspired me to get moving and start working again.
I am ignoring my stuffy head right now.

is a jewelry artist.
She has been my friend for years.
We have seen husbands come and go.
Usually with great flair.
We have seen each other through
good times and bad.
My silly troubles have been very small 
compared with hers.

And so,
when she called with a need 
to have her spring collection photographed.
how could I possibly be sick?

work helps me to feel better,
I think because I am not concentrating on myself.

this is just a small example of her work.
I will show more as I get more done.

I have linked to her name above,
but she is not sold online,
mostly in museums, galleries, and boutiques.
One of the tabs on her sight will show you where.

Have a great Friday,
and weekend,
and again,
thank you to all who have 
encouraged me through this silly head cold.

10 February 2010

I'm getting better....

First of all...
I am so very blessed.
I know this.

Many of you have been so kind and caring regarding
concern and suggestions for cold therapy/treatment.
I have tried many things that I have never tried before,
all of it helped.

Thank you!

so many of my friends
have brought over meals,
reading materials,
and flowers.

I started to think...
"maybe I am sicker than I think"
(really just a side effect of the meds, I suspect)
and then...
I started to remember this scene
from Monty Python's
Holy Grail,
where the plague has hit Europe during the crusades,
and there is a "pick-up service" for
"yer dead"

It is really quite sick, actually,
but that's what I have been.
And I laughed while watching this clip.

I warn you,
1970's humor is only for those of us
a) who lived through it
b) can handle really sick humor
c) have never really grown up

if you are any of these,
and maybe you can relate to
the old fellow who is
"feeling better".

I know I am....
thank you all

07 February 2010


Usually, this guy is my best-est friend
along 'bout 4 pm...
I go searching for him...
in his squat roundness....
as he brews up the water for my coffee or tea...

Have you ever been so stuffed up, clogged up...
that you couldn't smell or taste a thing?

Well, that has been my world for the last few days...
Normally, I have the smelling ability of a bloodhound, really,
I was told that by a man from the "gas" company 2 decades ago.
I had called them, having smelled gas, and he was at my door in minutes.
He pulled out a special "smellometer" and started walking around my kitchen...
nope, I says, its in the hallway. He just smirked. I gritted my teeth.
Finally, when no alarms went off in the kitchen, he strolled past our hallway,
"Lady, you got a nose like a bloodhound".
I took that as a compliment,
having been the proud mother of 2 basset hounds at the time.

(and one 2 yr old)

The last few have been tough.
My sweetie has made wonderful meals,
brought me my hot coffee,
and tea,
and cookies,
and ice cream....
not one smell.
and thus,
not much taste.

It stinks....opps,
no it sucks.