07 May 2009


I require perspective.
I simply cannot acquire it in a vacuum.
I have limited ability to see my world in a realistic manner.
I have to go out into the world and see other lives.
See what they deal with....
See how they cope....
See how blessed I am by comparison.
I know that we should not compare ourselves to others...
However, as selfish as this is, it is the only way I can
come to a realization of how fortunate I am.
I was given the gift of perspective.
I went about my everyday duties.....
and there it was.
My life ROCKS,
by comparison.
I have no problems,
in reality.
When I sit at home and worry.....
I get a distorted view of my life.
Did I thank you for your kind words?
They helped, thank you.

06 May 2009

Time takes time.....

Sometimes,.....I hate that saying.
Well, hate is a pretty strong word, but you know the feeling....
The saying is filled with truth,
but an uncomfortable one...
Being without a job.....
Have a ton of experience,
years of loyal service to one company,
that made some very bad business decisions....
Watching the one you love struggle thru
job search, interviews, age discrimination....
well, sucks.
I am tired.
I have faith that something will come along.
but I lack patience.
I want so desperately to be positive,
but somedays....it just
Sorry for so many sucks.