28 March 2012

How to use a Bidet.....

I must confess....

I did not write the instructions.
I have absolutely no experience with a bidet.

I know someone....

Her name is Nada,
she leads clumsy Americans on tours of Italy.
She is a saint.
(and pretty too!)

I came to know Nada over 10 years ago,
when she offered free,
that's right FREE
conversational Italian classes
(now get this...)
at a Gelato store!

that sold me....
FREE and cold creamy goodness!

I have followed Nada's rise to tour guide supreme
over the years and today on her 
FB page she enlightened me....

Instructions for a bidet!

So here goes;

The Five Lessons of the "Bidet" for Americans:

Lesson 1. The Bidet is for both men and women. Believe it, Italian men love it as much as women do.
Lesson 2. The Bidet is a time-saver. Think about it, you are ready to leave the house but..wait! You have a moment... So do you take a shower and start all over now? That's why we have a bidet.
Lesson 3. Always sit down on the Bidet facing the faucet (it would be hard to operate the hot/cold water knobs otherwise).
Lesson 4. The Bidet is multi-functional. Sit on the covered toilet or a stool and you can also use it to soak your feet after a long day.
Lesson 5. Don't be afraid of the Bidet, it cannot harm you. Try it!