19 February 2010

Spring Love!

I love spring weddings!

This image always reminds me
of the nervousness 
that surrounds every wedding day.
Especially those last few minutes
 just before everyone starts down the aisle.

This was a spectacular day.
Bright late afternoon,
low humidity
(which is important here in the south)
The Gentlemen were 
stunningly stylish.
The late afternoon sun
was dipping low in the sky....
long shadows....very dramatic.

B/W images
help set the tone for the drama.

bring a family together,
heal sore feelings,
mend old wounds,
or create new resentments,
break a family in two.

if everyone 
spends their energies 
toward the goal of 
celebration of the 
beginning of a 
new family,
it can be a 
very special moment in time.

18 February 2010

Ah....it's almost spring!

I just love weddings that take place outside.

The natural light is good for everyone...

But most especially anyone who is wearing white.

A bit of tan doesn't hurt either.

This wedding took place

years ago on the beach front at Hilton Head.

Simple music,

small crowd,

happy people,

lovely people,


no rain...

Couldn't ask for more.


16 February 2010


I am awkward with this new computer.
I love everything,
but buttons are in new places....
(or old, if I remember the 1st computer I ever had)
I am working with the Aperture 3 program...
searching for all my photo files.
It is a bit tedious...
as the transfer did not leave files in any discernible order.
I am going through the process of 
bringing up files,
naming them, and then finding the best place for them.

This photo is an excellent example.
It is the photo that I used in 
my ad in the 
"Carolina Bride magazine" 
in the 1990's.....
I had wonderful feedback 
and received a lot of attention from
it, as most of the wedding photographers,
in my town, at the time, were shooting in 
a very conservative, controlled way.
I on the other hand was shooting
in a photojournalistic manner.
Spontaneous, natural,
and non-intrusive....
I loved it and found that many 
women planning their weddings wanted
just that.
They didn't want to be constantly interrupted on their special day.

this approach is the "norm".
But then,
it was radical,
and I received criticism from
men who had been shooting weddings for decades.
In fact,
the man who shot my first wedding,
a control freak supreme, 
couldn't understand how in the world 
I would be able to cover a wedding without 
"set-up shots".

Well, I did.
And I did it almost every weekend
for years.

I value that experience,
but I also value my 
down time, now.

enough reminiscing  
Thank you for indulging me.

15 February 2010

Today is the day!

I go to the Apple store
and pick up my new baby.

I will have a short
"get aquainted"
session with a
who will be younger than
my son.....
And I will try
oh so hard to sound like
I know a thing or two.

In reality,
I know much more
 than your average
52 yr old woman,
 with a degree in

But I am still
a little slow
on verbalizing my

Maybe a couple
cups of coffee
since this
lesson is at 6pm.

plagues me,
when faced with
a totally out of my comfort zone

I wonder if we ever really
grow out of this?

What has been your experience?

almost forgot.
The photo was taken in
Florence, Italy (2003)
It has a tendency to appear
in my frontal lobe whenever
I am facing something
that I am not sure of.....