19 March 2011

How many of you make coffee in your dishwasher?

I don't, personally...
but apparently there is precedent for this odd behavior.
Otherwise, why would the manufacturer of my 
coffeemaker place these instructions right inside the top,
for everyone to see as they fill the reservoir with water?

"Not intended for use in dishwasher"


I don't know about you but I have never even thought about 
putting this thing in the dishwasher to make coffee...
they are saying that you shouldn't try to clean it in a dishwasher...
But that's not what it says...

Do you suppose that the same guy who answers the phone when 
you call with a technical question regarding your PC.....
moonlights as a coffeemaker instruction writer?
and that he felt particularly inclined to let you know
that this particular coffeemaker can't do the 
hokey pokey in the dishwasher?

What was Cuisinart thinking?
Is this really the depth to which we have sunk?
Maybe they better let us know that this 
coffeemaker doesn't DO dishes either.....

That soapbox calls to me, you know!

on to better things...

I had my posse over for Friday Food night yesterday!
We love mac and cheese,
especially with these fat little boogers...

And a b├ęchamel sauce to get the cheese all smooth and gooey...

And tons of several types of cheeses...

and of course, salt and pepper,
but the Barefoot Contessa turned me onto 
adding bacon!
who  doesn't like bacon??

And, truth be known,
this was turkey bacon, just as a nod to our ever expanding

One dear friend came over early,
and brought the tulips!
They look pinkish here,
but they were actually lavender and luscious...

I had choices for entertainment...
but we opted for one that is hidden under the pile...
we watched

I hope you know how special this little film is...
most of us are mothers of "20-somethings"
and so we hadn't had the occasion to take out little ones to this movie!
We loved it.

I hope your day is splendid!