01 July 2010

More contest info....

This contest runs through 
August, so
don't miss out on
some free prints.

With FREE prints you can;
frame them for your walls
frame them for gifts,
make Thank You! notecards 
make Christmas cards,
make Birthday cards,
any type of card

I will work up a tutorial 
on how I make photo notecards
for my personal use,
and post it sometime this weekend.

You don't have to use the 
photo that you use as an entry into
this contest as the "free" 4 x 6 prints.

You can use 
any and many different 
Which will make your 
cards that much more fun!

30 June 2010

Summer Freedom

That's the name of a cool contest at Shutterfly.
And simple too....

And you get free stuff just for entering...
you don't even have to win...
you still win.
COOL, huh?!

why don't you 
pick one of those fun photos
of the children,
or the grandchildren,
or your sweet pup,
or your beach trip,
or your garden,
or the skies,
or the fair,
or the 
crazy neighbor who 
cuts the grass in her underwear
(don't ask.....)

You know the photo 
that makes you think of 
Summer Freedom.....
pick it
upload it at Shutterfly
enter for some free prints.

You can view my entry here and vote for me starting April1, 2010.