21 January 2012

Guilty pleasures......















20 January 2012

Whew....that just about wore me out!

Now it's confirmed,
I am an old dog....

and you would be justified in assuming that means
I cannot be taught new tricks....

I tried though
really I did.

But I simply struggled...
and that is not what blogging is all about for me.

here it is...
I tried the newer interface of Blogger.

I said it...
I found it to be clunky.

Now, in reality,
I am the one who is clunky,
set in my ways,
embarrassed by my inability to conform....

So, I am back to the old interface
(don't ask me how long it took me to find my way,
let's just say I should have dropped bread crumbs on the way in....)

I have had better luck with my new iPhone....
Glad that I could say that at least....

here is a bit of the other things I have been doing....

Enjoying my anniversary flowers...

BIG blooms...

drinking copious amounts of coffee....

photographing things
I am amazed at the clarity of images from a phone!
I have three different apps for imaging
the camera that came with the phone...
Camera+ (which my son found for me)
and Instagram, which I read about online,
and actually found on my own!
Camera+ actually produces the best image, but I have yet to 
learn all the features.
Instagram is easy, and friendly too. 
I like it.
I use it the most.

this is my office.
a mess....but in a good way.

The trunk is drying, I put new wallpaper in it just hours ago,
and am waiting for it to cure.
I plan to store some of that pile of fabric and 
felted wool in it by the end of the day.
(the border on that image is one of the many reasons I like Instagram.

How about you?
Do you find newer technology (interfaces, apps.....etc...)
a challenge?

Please share your experiences with me.
If you have found that the newer interface is worth the effort,
please tell me that too.
I am willing to try it again if the incentive seems worth the journey.



16 January 2012

Now where is that coat?....

made of Dalmatian puppies......

My guess is that Angelina Jolie has absolutely no idea that Cruella DeVille has already sported this look.

She is a pretty girl, I wonder why she is trying so hard to scare people away?

What do you think?