27 January 2011

More BAKW....people movers...

Just call me
not even close to a spy....
not even close to discreet...
not even close to the action....
Well, I am having fun...

here is something I have learned...
(with apologies to those who haven't read my last post, check it out)
I have learned that 
a good portion of what it takes to 
film a movie/TV show 
moving people around.

These passenger vans
 seem to be everywhere in our neighborhood.
Most of them are empty.
Except for the drivers that sit, in one place,
for long stretches of time.....
They read the paper (above)....

Occasionally, the load up with one or two passengers
and move out...

Then the next one in line moves forward
to right in front of the condo
where they are shooting scenes.......

they get out of the van to stretch their legs...
chit-chat with the other drivers...

Maybe get a cup of coffee from the 
"commissary truck"
(that's what I am calling it)

Then without notice,
they are off!
With someone, who maybe famous...
or not.

someone from "inside"
comes to the driver to talk....
wonder what they are discussing?
Lunch, probably.

I have been spotted...
(hope they don't ask me to stop)

Not by this guy, anyway...
he's smiling..

And so the afternoon
drones on...
ever so quietly...
really, these people know how to be quiet.
I could go outside right now,
and if I closed my eyes,
I would swear that they had disappeared...

But, no..
I can't seem to drag myself away from my 
Camera ready for 
Claire Danes to show up, 
turn around,
and wave to me with a great big.....


  1. Mrs. Kravitz!!!
    I love this post more than you will ever know. I'm coming over to twirl a fiery baton in the parking lot with a sparkly outfit.

  2. Daylight pictures! You must be getting braver :-)

  3. I am getting braver....and I just came in from my front balcony, where I have been sitting in the dark....trying to get some night shots again....they are lighting up the whole neighborhood...smiles

  4. I was thinking you were Mrs. Kravatz, too...and not I am following you to find out what happens next :)
    Mary Ann


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