20 March 2008

Quality of light....

Light thru glass,
Light thru raindrops,
Light thru leaves....
It is all slightly different in quality.
This is why I love to photograph images.
It is also why I love Art Glass.
Taking the abundant resource of sand,
putting it under pressure and heat, and creating a
thing of beauty.
Then, using the other abundant resource, the sun,
and letting it transform the glass into a "light factory"
is one of the most interesting visual experiences I can
How wonderful.

19 March 2008

By the sea...

I just love the coast.
I love going down to the beach,
sitting in the sand, exploring for shells,
salty wind in my hair.
I love the sound of waves on the shore.
I love the warm glowing feeling of having been
in the sun just a little bit too long.
I love the meals that we make at the beach, fresh seafood,
fresh melons from the roadside stand, and tomatoes!
I love meeting friends at the beach, as they too are on
vacation, and therefore, much more relaxed and
liable to put aside their "work faces".
Real smiles.
AND lest I forget, my favorite,
BEACH MUSIC! Sand in my shoes,
washed ashore, under the boardwalk, Oh my!
I am so fortunate to have grown up at a time that
was safe and carefree.
The beach I remember from my teens is no longer in
existence, it is covered with condos.
BUT, in my memory it is so vivid, so real,
I can almost taste it.
That's why I paint.

18 March 2008

On the other hand...

I had lunch with my son yesterday.
It was wonderful to see him full of confidence,
well almost full...
He has a new job, is working hard,
and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
I am so proud of him.
He is in school, and takes classes online.
I think it is wonderful that classes can be taken online.
I am so glad that he has a life that includes
having lunch with his mom.

My Books....

I get my inspiration from incredible sources.
I am so fortunate to be surrounded by talented people.
There are many artists in my life, who are willing to let me
into their world just long enough to capture images of beautiful talent.
How lucky am I?
Check out my books
Included among my books is a book about my friend Heather,
who has overcome incredible odds to create her jewelry.