15 May 2009

Sweet Summer Sunshine!

I love summer!
Always have.....
I even like to sweat a bit.....
not from hot flashes,
but from hot summer sunshine.
I love the products of summer,
Sunny smiles,
Super Swimming pools,
the smell of suntan lotion (Coppertone)
Silly sassy swimsuits on little girls,
Super Squirt guns in little boys hands,
I love summer!
I went over to our neighborhood pool this morning
and put up all the umbrellas.....
not because it was hot,
but just because I like how it looked.
I love summer!

10 May 2009

Being a mom is delicious torture......

Well, maybe torture is a bit strong.
On the one hand, labor, colic, teething,
food problems, sleep deprivation, doctor appointments,
pre-school, mother's morning out, play dates, chicken pox,
homework, birthday parties, stitches, mud, pets,...
did I mention sleep deprivation?....
dates, driver's license exams, re-takes, attitude,
fear, loathing, embarrassment.....
loss of privacy, grey hair,
more sleep deprivation......
Then there are those wonderful moments....
Hugs, kisses, Mother's day cards.....
Like the one I received this morning.....
"Happy Mother's Day!"
"Mom, thank you for being the best mom in the world, for always being there for me,
and for supporting me in all my decisions.
Love you, Michael"
OK, it was all worth it.....
I mean it.
Even the sleep deprivation