02 February 2013

me to Z.....zzzzzzzz......

many thanks
Joanna Jenkins
for giving me an easy topic to post!


Age- 55

Bed Size- King, don't ask me more....Wink, Wink, Nudge, nudge, say no more...

Chore You Hate- Anything having to do with movement......

Dogs- miss my basset hounds, Sam and Fred and covet my neighbors' dog

Essential Start To My Day- Coffee, no-fat 1/2&1/2, sugar 1 tsp, not a morning person....not so much.. 

Favorite Color- changes regularly, initial response-pink, then purple, and of course there is always blue....ah, blue.....

Gold or Silver- Hi-Oh Silver!

House or Apartment-  condo, now.....prefer house.

Instruments Played- Kah-zoo

Job Title- Mom, Boss, Head honcho, Chief trash collector, Cook, Cleaning Lady...

Kids- One son, 2 stepsons, One step daughter all grown up and moved away.



Never Again- work for a person crazier than myself

Other Fun Fact- former flight attendant 

Pet Peeve - cell phones in meetings

Quote- "Everything will be alright"

Righty or Lefty- batting right these days

Siblings- brother.......oh brother.....

Time You Wake Up- gratefully, when my body says so, most mornings

University Attended- yes, but don't remember most of it....it was the 70's people...

Veggies You Dislike- canned beets, good only for dying wool....

What Makes You Run Late- not much, I like to be early.

X-Rays- teeth

Yum Food- bread, bagels, donuts, muffins, no Atkins for me.... 

Zoo Animal Favorite- lion, I am a Leo after all...

If you care to share your story, please let me know when you will post. I would love to see your responses.....AND, gratefully, I was furnished with a list you can copy and paste, so here it is;
Bed Size
Chore You Hate
Essential Start To My Day 
Favorite Color
Gold or Silver
House or Apartment
Instruments Played
Job Title
Never Again 
Other Fun Fact 
Pet Peeve -
Righty or Lefty
Time You Wake Up
University Attended
Veggies You Dislike
What Makes You Run Late
Yum Food
Zoo Animal Favorite