15 August 2008

All my friends seem to be Leos....

This is Marchai!
(It rhymes with "Ole")
Today is her birthday,
She is and always will be exactly 1 week younger than me.
We have been friends, roommates, cohorts in crime, dancing partners, partners in grief, counselors, law enforcement officers (in our heads), and sisters in spirit.
I am so proud of her....
She is beautiful inside and out.
As we mature, we realize how important friendship is....
I am blessed.

13 August 2008

My sweet baby is having a birthday today.
Yes, we are both Leos,
and love it.
I have finally found the love of my life.
He is my soul mate, sweetheart,
best friend, lover, confidant,
advisor, counselor,
and fellow traveler on this road of life.
When I wake,
I am immediately relieved
to find that I am safe, sound and
loved in this new love life.
I am blessed.

11 August 2008


Well, I guess this is an attempt to rid myself of some lingering sadness.
I had terrible dreams last night, involving a lost love.
This is the lost love......
My former studio.
I know it is hard to imagine attaching such emotion to a place.
But, anyone who has found their calling......creative outlet....muse place....will understand immediately.
I don't really think about it often, I try to get on with my life, and live in the here and now.
sometime in dreams there is this moment that I am still there, loving it and hating it at the same time.
Strange sensation......
Understand able in that the studio was part of my life during a previous marriage, one fraught with high emotions. So very sad......
When 2 artist get together there is always room for jealousy, fear, anger, resentment......
So very very sad.....
I mourn the loss of the studio, it was everything I wanted in a work space.
I mourn the loss of creative interaction.
So very sad.

What I know is,
that every experience enhances my ability to understand others,
if I embrace it.......
that is the hard part.
I must accept that it is an experience that was only fleeting....
Very sad indeed.