06 July 2010


That's the word
that I chose 
at the beginning of the year
to concentrate on in 2010.

I am still thinking....

In fact,
it has been brought home to me 
on a regular basis that most 
of the people I seem to interact with
(bloggers excluded)
are far from authentic.

Is it fear?
Is it meanness?
Is it ignorance?
Is it miscommunication?
I want to know.
I want to understand.
 if I am looking at it 
in a skewed manner,
I want to know that too....

Do I perceive the bloggers
I follow as being authentic
because they are?
or are they really good at 
"puttin on the show"?
Is the fear factor eliminated 
because they don't ever have 
to meet face to face?
Or is the internet just 
a place that one can be
 anyone you want to be?

Here is my dilemma.....
I spent some time with a few of my 
old friends recently.
It was weird.
They were fascinated by things that seemed 
so foreign to them, (and me)
and they didn't seem at all like the 
people I once knew.
I know there is room for growing up, but not developing
a whole new personality.

Then there is the situation
where one of my friends
came into a large amount of money.
I have seen very little of her since.
She has not simply excluded me, 
she seems to be avoiding everyone. 
What is that all about?

I am contemplating going to a 
35 yr reunion (high school)
I want to go,
at least I think I want to......

I was first informed about this 
reunion via the infamous
And the price for the event seemed doable.
So I said YES!
and paid my money.
Now I am watching how people are 
and honestly,
 I am a bit frightened,
seriously folks,
I don't want to be disillusioned again.

So help me out if you have some experience here.
Do you find people to be authentic?
Do you go to reunions?
Have you been disappointed by 
old friends?
Does the high school clique thingy crop up at your reunions?
Do you trust what people present to you,
and is that a vital part of liking them?
What do you think?

Now about that cat....
She must be the reason that the food in
that particular feeder
(we have many)
lasts longer.
She is a neighbors' pet
and loves to hunt by the trees out back.