29 August 2009

Etsy site.....up and running....Smiles...

Holy Cow,
I have made myself a nervous wreck over this....
I hope I have covered all my bases....
Each of my bags are made with
recycled jeans, so as you might expect...
they have flaws..
just like me...
But they are sincere..
a bit like me...
So glad to finally have them listed...
If you see where I have missed something
please let me know.
Appreciate your encouragement more than you know.

27 August 2009

Not Yo Momma's Handbag....

Right up front,
let me just say that I was not in the
market for a new idea
for making money....
I like my camera,
thank you...
fate has stepped in...
I think.
I made a Recycled jeans purse
for myself....
I had no idea how much attention it would
I carried it on trips this summer,
and without exception
everywhere I went
someone would come up and ask where I
bought my purse.
Even men would come up and whisper
"I like your purse".
(Now, I would love to think
that they just needed an excuse to talk to me,
but they were staring at my handbag!)
Finally, my sweet baboo....
says "you know, you might want to
consider selling those.".
He is too nice to be pushy,
but the response was
becoming a little
Well, here goes...
I have made 10 handbags.
I have an Esty site
I am working on the photos today.
Hopefully by the end of the weekend
I will have handbags for sale.
Good Grief!
(as my dear Charlie Brown would say...)

26 August 2009

Show your heart.....

Thank you Nancy!

Saved by the sweet idea you've offered..

Well, here goes...
The tag reads -- With as much creativity as you can muster,
show your heart in a picture, poem,
a song (or a piece of music), a phrase (or quote),
an item of clothing, a place and
(just for fun) a Disney Princess.

See above,
This is my sweet little Michael..
He will be 21 yrs old on Sat.
This is how I will always see him.
The 23rd Psalm
The Lord is my shepard...
you know the one.
I am not a religious person..
however, I memorized this psalm
as a child.
It comes to me automatically when I am in
"deep poop".
"From a distance"
Bette Midler...
the words bring tears to my eyes
"What goes around....
you know this one too,
I am sure.
Well...I have seen it in action.
(instant karma?)
Item of clothing;
A designer shirt that I bought with
a gift certificate given to me
by my first heart (see above)
I think how proud I am of him
everytime I wear it.
My heart
belongs to the Carolina Beaches....
I've got sand in my shoes....
Disney Princess;
I would have to say that Cinderella
and I must have signed up for the same
strange life....
we walked thru hell...
and then by the strangest of circumstances...
along came Prince Charming.

24 August 2009

If ever you loose your muse.....

and the windshield wipers don't do the trick...
and the fog gets thicker and thicker...
Consider this....
The Artist's Way that I mentioned previously
is like a road map...
one that you don't even realize that you are following.
First, it is a book...
You can read and do the exercises on your own.
Even better, get a group of fellow artists,
writers, painters, photographers, jewelry makers,
potters, collage artist...you get the picture (no pun intended..)
Anyway, a bunch of artists...
everyone buy the book,
you can find many used copies online.
Decide on a meeting place and a day of the week to meet.
Agree to do one chapter at a time.
Now, here is the thing...
artists are rarely disciplined...
it is very difficult to "herd" us...
So, have an incentive...
like dinner (potluck is good!)
When you meet,
make sure there is a designated
"leader" to keep the conversation going....
No hard fast rules, really...
Except one..
There should be no room for judgment of one another's
opinions...this is a journey...everyone has a right to their
current place on the path...
Julia Cameron has spelled out the steps to take...
it is really easy,
but requires a commitment...
There will be tough spots along the way...
some will want to drop out...
let them....
Be prepared for new and exciting insight into
your creative self.
This is truly one of the most important
things I have ever done to improve my
and open myself up to my talent.
If you have lost your muse...
no worries...
allow fellow artists to walk with you
on your journey...
they will inspire you,
challenge you...
allow your muse to return..