14 February 2013

An enduring love....

We all want it....
We search for it...
We pray for it....
We would do just about anything to find it....


I think this sums it up;

      I will love you no matter what. 
I will love you if you are stupid, 
if you slip and fall on your face, 
if you do the wrong thing, 
if you make mistakes, 
if you behave like a human being - 
I will love you no matter.
--Leo Buscaglia 

(I miss Leo B. tremendously)

(especially in Valentines Day....)

Any who...
my sweetie and I were talking to a young man this morning
about replacing a window
(our BAKW, as a matter of fact)
and he noticed the 
roses that were sitting on the kitchen table.

He stopped and said
"Would you like to hear the sweetest story I have ever heard?"

This was the very las thing I expected to hear out of a window salesman.

So he started to tell us the story of his wife's grandfather who died 
approximately 2 weeks ago...
close enough that family were still staying with her grandmother.
Yesterday. the doorbell rang and there was the florist with 
roses for grandma, from grandad.....
bought months ago,
paid in advance,
for years to come,
the card read;
"I will love you, eternally"

A sweet story, but I have heard something like this before,
(the cynic in me said...)
Then I looked up at him,
and he said to us
"The best thing about this story is that when my wife told me this,
she said "That is exactly how I want you to love me"
And as he shifted in his shoes,
he said
"And that is exactly what I am going to do, because I am the luckiest man in the world"

Now, that part of the story is what choked me up....