05 June 2009

Meet the grandchildren....

Top; Buddy
Below; Roxy

I know.....
they are dogs.
Well, when you have no grandchildren......yet,
this will have to do.
I have taken care of these two for the last week.
Their dad, my son, has been to the shore.
I have had long blissful mornings,
sitting out in their backyard,
listening to the wind blow through the trees,
the birds chirping merrily as they teach their babies to fly,
and watching these two steal rawhide bones from each other.
it may not be human grandchildren,
but feeding was easy,
clean up was quick,
no diapers.....
Yep just about perfect.

04 June 2009

Wedding days.....


I love all the bridal blogs that I have read that last few days.

Especially the one about the wedding planned in one week.

And the ensuing surprises that take place at the

"engagement party".

Sort of sounds familiar.....

That's exactly what David and I did four and a half years ago.

My parents were in on it.

They hosted an engagement party for us on New Year's Day.

Only....it was the day we had gone to the chapel at eleven am.

We greeted our friends, in wedding attire....

Many laughs, big expressions....

lots of fun,

and it hasn't stopped.

We still laugh when we think of it now.
(the photos that wedding photographers get when they get married,
are usually done by friends, and so were mine)


Trust is comprised of a myriad to experiences.....
processing those experiences forces one to think about what you really believe.
Do you believe that there is a higher power that is in charge,
if not, are you willing to believe?
What would the purpose of trust be.....
other than to bring one closer to knowing that higher power?
Trusting a human being is a tricky thing...
it forces one to make assumptions about the other person
well.....that places you in a vulnerable position.
People make mistakes....
I have made mistakes......
My thought about a higher power goes something like this...
I am a mom.
I have the power to forgive my son, anything.
If I, a flawed person, have that kind of power,
then who am I to limit the amount of power that my higher power has?
I figure that being a higher power must mean that you have ALL the
Most of the big problems in my life have been caused by a misunderstanding.
Meaning.........that I didn't have all the information.
So.....if I had all the information.....it would mean that I would have no misunderstandings,
no judgement.
No sin, no blame, no preconceived notions.....
How would that be?

02 June 2009

Tell me what you think, or have experienced.....

This is my mother's family, at a wedding in the mid 80's.....
We are a diverse lot.
Grandad died, at 92 yrs old, in 1992.
Grandma died last November.
We are getting together, in July, on Cape Cod,
where they lived after Grandad retired.
I haven't been to a family reunion in decades.
What has been your experience?
Any helpful hints?
I love all of these people.
But my husband has not been a whole weekend with them all.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance...