28 January 2011

NIght time is the Right time....

I promise to 
end this relentless
reporting from my BAKW....soon.

I confess
I have seen no one who looks like they 
are an actress, or an actor....

Everyone I have laid eyes on 
has looked to be a hard-working joe,
very much like you or me......
(or course, all I do is sit by the window)

They arrived early in the morning...

They spent a lot of time setting up,
consulting with each other,
and re-arranging what the previous crew had left behind...

They wore interesting hats....

Honestly, it was pretty cold in the mornings...
so, coffee and hot drinks were common.

They brought in a crane yesterday....
that confused me a bit...
but it became clearer as the day went on..

I am glad that I didn't have to climb to the top of that ladder,
I saw the person who did, he didn't give it a thought.

All day the vans were prepared to transport...

Did I mention the hats?
This guy must be very important.
His hat was the largest, by far,
and most interesting.
It appears to be a knitted toboggan
stretched over a flouresent orange hard hat....

All day long they worked...
I could not tell if they were actually filming,
as all the "real action" was taking place 

things got rather more dramatic
as the natural light faded....

I had been cooking dinner,
when I noticed that it was dark.
As I gazed out,
I saw brilliant light outside...

It is difficult to put into words,
and even harder to photograph,
(as my equipment is not for night shooting)
but the world looked dark,
with the exception of this one 
very bright spot,
suspended at least 30 feet in the air.
(that's what the crane is for..)

This went on for hours...

They had a scrim positioned in front of the 
condo's balcony to diffuse the intensity of the spot lights...

And occasionally,
they moved the light.....
on it went...
into the evening and late into the night...

I was tired,
and went to bed around 10:30, knowing they were out 
there still working....lights on, but no noise....
Gosh, I thought, they sure are quiet....

Then, this morning,
I woke, came down for the coffee,
and my sweetie says
"They are almost entirely packed up and gone"
How could that be?
I wake at the drop of a hat, and I was sure 
that I would wake if they started 
"breaking down" the set.

Off to the BAKW!
and....sure enough, 
this is what I saw.....


This is what I know....
they are filming a pilot for 
a Television series...

It is called
Claire Danes.
They have been filming all over town,
and several locations were mentioned in publications 
earlier in the month.
There was absolutely no mention of the filming in my 'hood.
That's cool....in fact, one of the crew told a neighbor that it 
had been pretty nice filming here, because no one had bothered them

I believe they jinxed themselves...
that very night,
it is reported that late in the evening,
one  of the neighbors got a bit 
tipsy (that's what we will call it anyway)
and wandered over, 
up the front steps,
into the room where they were filming 
and started yelling at them...
(how embarrassing)
here, we were earning a reputation for being sort of 
cool, hip, calm, easy to work around....
and some yah-whoo goes and
messes that up....

they asked this person to leave,
she wouldn't,
the policeman on site,
told her to leave,
and she did...

That's all Folks!


  1. I loved this whole little drama right out your window. I too was waiting to see a star. Thoroughly enjoyed your jaunt into espionage and it's too funny conclusion. Gee you could be a real spy! I hope your neighbor is able to show her face on the street again! Maybe she thought they would give her a part.

  2. Poof! Gone - almost as if they were never there!

    I say dear lass - put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and see if you can find them again. :)

    I know, it's not nearly as cool as having them right outside your BAKW.

  3. How fun, Ellen! I share your interest in spying....sometimes my curiousity can't be kept at bay. xx

  4. It's so fun trying to figure out what and who are filming and if you'll ever be able to spot it on television or in the movie theater.

    WE get a lot of car commercials in my neighborhood but I've never seen one on tv yet.

    Hope the Claire Danes series makes it. She's awesome.

  5. Hi Ellen,

    Wow, you've had the excitement in your 'hood!! however did you stay in your house behind the BAKW and not in the middle of it all ;))

    I love the photos in your blog, Had to go visit your other post and was transported as I mesmerized in the beauty of how you truly captured peoples spirit in all of the pictures. Amazing. Love it. Thanks for sharing such a gift with us.


  6. How exciting for you to have so much excitement taking place out side your window.

    To bad you did not get to see any actors.

  7. Thank you all!
    I may have seen actors, but not recognized them, Jenny...
    I will make sure to keep in touch regarding any further news about this series...it should be presented to the networks sometime this summer.
    Agan, thank you all!

  8. How fascinating.. and what a surprise they were so quiet... that's good!!!

    I like your take on the neighbour.. being 'tipsy'.. hahaha

    Have a great week.. and trust me.. 43c is unbearable!!! ciao xxx Julie


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