27 July 2010

Goin' on a Road Trip....

we are headed out of town for a couple of days....
a long couple of days....
very long...
really long...

This will be the scenery....
for a lot of hours...
But I can dream...
of this...

And this...

Even this....

And these are the men I would choose to be with...

Because they are....

My buds....


Like to go where I like to go.....

like here....

and most of the time,
 when I am here,
I look up at this...

Fun times...

I am missing me some
 beach time this year....
and don't see a way
 to get there anytime soon.

But this weekend,
I will be able to see 
a Cin-City Reds game
in person!
And eat cheese conies....
and visit some sweet in-laws...
so life is sweet....

25 July 2010

Authenticity Revisited.....

"How my ego survived intact....."

We arrived at the reunion early.....
as I had promised to 
be the impromptu 
"designated photographer".

(Which is funny in a way,
because there was a very good professional photographer
in our crowd, that would have put me to shame)

I started by shooting a general 
"record the setting" shot,
and was very pleased that the Owner/manager
of the Art Gallery/Co-op 
had all of the lights on 

I have many 
shots from later in the evening,
but I have not asked if it was ok
to use anyone's image,
the only person I felt comfortable with 
a close up shot was 
my sweetie...
checking out the photographs from 
previous reunions...
maybe to see 
one of my ex's
(they don't all live in Texas,
though I wish they did....)

The gallery was the perfect location for this 
35th High School Reunion.
Comfortable, casual, 
it sort of set the tone for the evening.

I had made up my mind that if 
nothing else,
I could control my own attitude.

I was determined to have a smile on my
face 90% of the time spent...

I did just that.
I shot tons of images.
I talked to people I didn't even know in 
high school.
Or, people who I was so intimidated 
by, that I would have never approached, 

I was bold.
I asked if I could take their picture,
and then just started 
lining them up.....
some balked,
but were coerced by those 
around them.

Who are these old people?
I kept thinking.
Are they sure they are at the correct reunion?
I was stumped.

I didn't stop to eat,
and barely sipped a drink.
I was on a mission....

actually, shooting people is easier than 
actually making small talk.
I was nervous.

We left by 10 pm.
It was just gearing up to be 
a long night,
and I was tired.
home to the computer to 
upload the images.....

Good grief!
I looked as old as the rest!
Sweetie had nicely taken a photo of me with
several friends from elementary school.
One of which, I was in 1st grade with.

And do you know what?
everyone was as authentic,
as I could have wished for.
Some not.
But they are the same ones that 
were not in high school.
So be it.
I found that I had quite a few friends....
real friends.
We were actually quite glad to see each other,
and enjoyed catching up on children,
careers, and church (the 3 "C's")

I believe,
that my fun
had more to do with my attitude
than theirs....

Maybe you 
wish yourself into a 
Good time!