10 October 2011

What at trip!

I finally feel as though I am truly 
back home in my own world....

Laundry finished...
fires put out....
all the moles "whacked"....

My sweetie and I went to London,
with side trips to 

This is how the trip started...
many hours of this;

and him...

and this....

and them....

Then we arrived....
at 7am local, not time to go to bed,
like our bodies wanted to...
so, we napped for a couple of hours and 
then, forced ourselves to wake just long enough to
catch a bus.....tour bus that is, 
pretty cool,
movin' stars...
(with apologies to Beverly Hillbillys' fans)

when we finally jumped
(limped, actually)
off the bus, we were on Oxford Street.
Shopping mecca for many....
and weird things in the windows,
like this shoe fashioned from pot-lids...

And this enormous sculpture of a horse's 

Then, there is the story of how the 
"world traveler", namely me, was 
so absent minded that she forgot that 
unwritten rule;
"Never wear new shoes the first day of a trip!"
Rubbed the skin right off my heels,
and could hardly walk,
until I bought some 
fancy British flip flops.
I am sure they probably have a much more 
sophisticated name for them,
but whatever...
they worked, and saved my vacation!

Can you believe he took a photo of my feet?

Love these buses, they hand out free plastic
ponchos if it sprinkles..

Late in the day,
(5pm was all we could handle)
we walked to a local pub.
for dinner.
Ground floor (what we would call 1st floor)
there was a lively bar crowd,
but we were not lively at that point and 
hiked up the stairs to the 
dining room....

which was light and airy,
and decorated like 

had come in and created a showroom...
The food was good, creative
and filling...
that's really all we wanted.
And so ends the first day of our travels....


  1. looks like a great beginning to your trip!

  2. Ohhh, I've been waiting for this! Fantastic. I'm so glad you had an amazing time. More! More! :)


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