10 September 2014


Indulge me....

I know that watching birds feed is,
maybe, not the most interesting video.

But from my point of view,
this is heaven.

My sweetie and I are in a new home,
surrounded by beauty,
covered in love.

I'm so very grateful.

No one can know what 
goes on in the mind of others,
not unless they 

I will be able to make sense of the past year....

they say insight only comes in retrospect.

I believe that must be true.
Thank God.

18 January 2014

Movin' on....

Now that we have completed the repairs,
we are ready to move on.....

We have loved this house.

We have renovated, painted,
remodeled, ripped out the old in order 
to install the new....

It is beautiful.

We love it.

But it is time to 
do something 

The following photos are not mine, 
but they are all wonderfully created.
If you need an excellent interiors shooter,
I know just the man you want to hire.
(email me for his contact info)

This is the Video Tour Link

it will be hard to leave that BAKW!
I have sat there and observed the world for hours at a time.
I watched the film crew working on the Pilot for 
from that window.
(Carrie's apt interiors were shot in a neighbor's condo)

It feels very strange to think of leaving here.
Have you ever left a place with ambivalence?

How did you deal with those feelings?

I'm sure it's time, 
but there are doubts.

15 January 2014

Wow....what a year...


It was simply one of the most difficult years we've had to endure.

Things are looking up though.

But, first...
Someone stole my other blog when I was cleaning up after the flood.

Not Yo Mommas Handbag?
named for my Etsy shop?
Created by me to chronicle the making of my 

well, someone stole it.

Now if you go to the old site, 
there is one post
months old
of a vacation somewhere.

Not mine.

So, here is my new 
blog for the shop,
(which will be re-opened as soon as we move)

I can hold on to this one....