27 March 2010


This is how memories work for me....
they look like shadows...
they are never detailed and clear.

Sometimes my memories can be triggered by
or a song,
or a child's squeal,
or a breeze....

But mostly my memories
 are like a vague shadow that has 
highlights all over it....
that is how
I remember this wedding.

The lights were a photographer's 
It was great for ambiance,
but absolutely 
horrendous for 
capturing images.
Especially as this was a time
 when I was still using film.
Even high-speed film
struggles with low light situations.

I captured many moments
 that were much better than this one, 
but I like this one,
because of the way the 
overhead light bounces off her dress...
and veil...
and his close cropped hair...
splendid memories.

What do your memories look like?
Are they mostly shadows like mine?
Or, are they refined bits of crystal clarity?
Tell me, please.....smiles.

25 March 2010

Mom and kid bonding

Mom and kid bonding, originally uploaded by Michelle Fabio.
Michelle Fabio is known to many of you from her blog
Well, she is also a wonderful photographer.
I just love the series of photos and video that she has 
posted lately featuring these goats.
Sweet baby with the waggly tail! 

24 March 2010

Isn't she lovely....

Well, not only is she lovely,
she is way so talented!!!

This is Amanda,
she was one of my special brides...

One of the brides
 that I actually enjoyed
 every minute of their day.

She was so easy to photograph,
comfortable in her own skin,
assured that this day
was meant to be....

well, let me just tell you,
she is one of the up and coming photographers
in the biz...

She has the "eye".
no doubt.
She is a people person 
in the truest sense of the word.
She shines...
she can make the most mundane 
seem spectacular....really.

She has a new site,
a new camera,
a new outlook,
a new project....
let me tell you,
I could not be more proud that I know her,
and have been a part of her 

This is the reason for 

22 March 2010

You know that feeling...

when you are so happy to have someone in your arms....
and you really don't want to let go?

that feeling is coming on strong...

In approximately 90 minutes
(not that I'm counting...)
I will get in the car,
drive to he airport,
sit in the "cell phone lot"
(where you wait for your someone to call and say they are ready)
and wait for my sweetie....

Don't get me wrong...
I have not been sitting around 
pining for some company...
or even wishing the days away...
I've been busy as a bee...
doing the things
 that you simply cannot do
 when there is someone else
in the house.

But now that the 12 days are
coming to a close....
I am ready to see my baby...
(sweet enough for you?)

The Bradford pear trees out front 
are full of blooms...
The daffodils are past their peak,
the hydrangeas are budding out like crazy.
my sweetie is on a plane..
heading south.