28 May 2009


(I just love this little guy, it's how I feel right now, tired...)

Sweet Annie Coe, the Blissful Bohemian, thank you for the questions,
got my little mind off troubles and onto something interesting.
Thank you!

1: What is your current obsession?

New Canon lenses…

2: Which item of clothing do you wear most?

Jeans….for decades….but also white turtlenecks, Birkenstocks, sundresses, etc..

3: What's for dinner?

Well, Friday nights are “five guys night” (http://www.fiveguys.com/home.aspx) , so me and hubby will be scarfing down some fries and chee-buggers…

4: Last thing you bought?


5: What are you listening to?

My husband …..snoring in the other room.

6: If you were a god or goddess, who would you be?

Well…..Venus, not for my looks, but maybe my guilty pleasures…

7: Favorite guilty pleasure?

Lazy mornings in bed

8: Reading right now?

Blogs…House Beautiful….Daily meditation book….dictionary…..no interesting books, for the moment. My father collects books, and my mother is a retired librarian, 'nough said?

9: Okay...what were you thinking about just then?

“Did I turn off the dishwasher?”

10: Who's your hero/heroine?

The women in my life, my old friends from grade school, my current friends, who have seen me through divorce and a new wonderful marriage and my mother, who is sweet as spring.

12: Funniest thing you saw in your life?

Gosh, I hate to admit this one….the Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”, which came out when I was in high school and would go to movies in an “altered state”. (Really sad, I know)Woody and Diane Keaton for one of their first times together in a movie. REALLY SILLY.

13: Favourite film?

Gone with the Wind…I know, but I am pretty sure I was Scarlet in a previous life.

14: Share some wisdom?

Trust me on this one, “there are no mistakes”.

15: If you were a tree, what tree would you be and why?

I would be a Sequoia. If you ever have the chance to go to Muir Forest outside of San Fran, do it. You will not regret.

16: Fictitious characters who made a lasting impression on you?

Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird), Charlie Brown, all of whom, learn something in their walk.

17: 4 words to describe you?

Seeking, Open, Multi-faceted, and happy.

I would love to tag all of you, but I think that this time I will leave it up to you. Just make sure to let me know
If you decide to complete the questions, I want to know it all!


This made my day.
Yesterday brought a multitude of "real life" problems....
Personalities to deal with,
friends crying,
children sick,
discomfort, fear, confusion, defensiveness....
the list could go on pretty long.
So you can surely see how this award made me smile.
Thank you "distracted by shiny objects" !
Somehow getting out of bed was worth every awkward move,
every snotty cough, every negative thought....
as this awaited me on this wonderful "life highway".

25 May 2009

Ahhhhhhh!.....the joy of breathing.

Yes, the spring cold has left me......
Only a few small sniffles linger to remind me how fortunate I am..
While I convalesced.....
I was taken care of with attention to every detail.
My sweet ba-boo is te very best.
Life is good,
and I have a new appreciation for my two sets of stairs.
I am actually able to scale them both, without stopping to catch my breath.
Today is a good day!