09 January 2010


To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable,
but to be certain is to
be ridiculous.
-Chinese Proverb

I like this.
It reminds me of how far I have come on this journey of life.
I am no longer certain of everything....
in fact, I am certain of only a few things.
Which actually
makes things easier....

It has taken me a very long time
to realize that I usually do not
have all the information.
Imagine that!
Now most of you
are probably thinking....
"Well....that's pretty obvious!"
to me
it wasn't...
I was pretty sure
that I knew how everyone should act,
what their job was...
and how they fit in to the
grand scheme of things.....
I now know that
it isn't my responsibility,
job, mission, or goal
to know these things....
In fact I don't even know
what my purpose is most of the time.
But if I trust,
have faith,
show up,
well, I
that is
just about enough.

06 January 2010

My word for 2010....

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just

watch what they do.

-Andrew Carnegie

Isn't this good advice?

It has taken me a very long time to learn lessons of life.
I feel like an infant in the realm of human relations, sometimes.
I am exactly what my junior high teacher, Mr Sherrill said in my
"Constantly surprised by life,
and seemingly amused".

You might think,
in my 5th decade of life,
that I would be a bit more savvy.

But no...
I am constantly surprised....
amazingly,......still amused.

is now my chosen work fo the year.
I have noticed that several, of the bloggers
I follow, have chosen words.
So, I thought I would, too.

Authentic: genuine, real.
that fits in nicely with my outlook for this
year of 2010...
I want to be authentic in my acts and deeds...
I hope to choose my fellow travelers carefully,
by watching their actions,
rather than
their words.

you may say
"Ellen, how the heck are you going to judge whether
bloggers are authentic?"
As those of you who do this daily,
whether reading or writing or simply perusing..
you can tell..