11 March 2010

Where is your heart?

Is it beating with strength...in your chest?

Is it in your head, talking to you?

Is it in your gut, steering you through life?

Does it depend on the day?

Has it been broken?

Is it healing?


Has it been stolen?

Wherever you are in life,
your heart will sing,
when you follow it.......
to your destiny.

This week

my heart is in China...

actually, my sweetie is on a 
business trip to China.

So I am giving my heart a 
sharing it with others 
while he is gone....

I believe that our heart has the capacity to grow.
But, it only grows when it is given away.

08 March 2010

Applaud Mother Nature!

Doesn't she do a wonderful job?

This was the sky last evening....
I am amazed at how 
many colors she comes up with...