05 March 2010

Carpe Diem...

seize the day.

that is the attitude that suits 
a wedding day.

This bride
was/is a flight attendant with 
a major carrier.
In fact, 
the same airline that 
I had been a 
flight attendant for,
years earlier.

She was absolutely 
radient on the day of 
her wedding.....

She needed no 
She was stunning.

The dress she wore
 had been her mother's gown.
They took it to a seamstress
that apparently had magic fingers.
What resulted was 
a little girl's fantasy dress....

In this photo, they are following someone 
around the side of the church,
to another door,
after having just emerged as a married 

The smiles
were not prompted...
they didn't need to be....

04 March 2010

Sneaky moment...

the photographer
be sneaky.....

It is the only way...
to catch
sweet moment like this.

This bride was marrying
this flower girl's father.

It could have been a moment of 
sheer charged terror...
it wasn't.

They had a
couple of minutes
 just before they went up the stairs to the 
chapel for the ceremony.

It was just
 the right amount of time
 to say the last minute things
 that we all know need to be said.

things like;
"It will be alright."
"You look lovely"
"I am so proud of you"
"Let's go have fun!"

They did!

03 March 2010

Film Love...

I just love film....
I know it is not instant gratification....
that is part of what I love,
 the anticipation.

I also love the somewhat predictable nature of 
certain films...
A high speed B/W film will be grainy...
 this can be used to reflect a mood.

The photo above for example,
if it was shot in color,
you might be inclined
 to concentrate on the dress,
her hair,
the veil,
her gloves,
you get the picture
(no pun intended)

But in B/W, or sepia,
one tends to look at her face,
what is she thinking?
Is she scared,
of simply
quiet by nature?

The good news is
that she was 
simply quiet,
from a family of three girls,
she was the youngest,
and accustomed  to allowing everyone around her 
to be the "whirling dervish".
She was calm as a cucumber,
 very much in love with the groom.
It was a splendid wedding,
easy to cover,
easy clients to please,
the second daughter
 I had the privilege to 
photograph on her wedding day.

I know that I probably 
could have gotten the same look with digital,
I guess I am a bit 
even though,
digital is admittedly easier.

What do you remember the most about your wedding?

28 February 2010

Regrets......I've had a few....

But so few I'd like to mention....

today, at the traffic light,
I had one of those moments that I 

I was caught without my camera,
any camera....
not just my "pro-rig" Canon,
not just my small "in-my-purse" Nikon,
Not even my phone's camera....

I was camera naked.
And at one of those moments that you really require
Full-gear....and time.

The license plate said it all,
It was a smooth silver grey Rolls Royce,
driven by the most elegant 

She was, I'd say. in her 70's,
beautifully quaffed blonde/silver hair
that seemed to match the palate of her 
interior leather.

She wore Jackie-O sunglasses.
She had on delicate cream leather gloves.
She was wearing a B/W hounds tooth braided jacket.
She was the picture of elegance.
Not 10 feet away from me.......
no camera....
I wasn't even driving and frantically looked around the car
to see of there might be a camera, that didn't belong to me.

no camera.
Why do I do this to myself?
Why haven't I learned from the many experiences
like this?

Regrets....I have a few.....