03 June 2011

Emotionally exhausted...the ranting begins....

the babble...

It has been a couple of weeks
of emotional stress.
So, all I can manage is the random thoughts 
that have been running through my mind....

-Why do parents use their children to inflict revenge on their "ex"?
-Why would a family of four think that a metal trivet is an appropriate gift for a couple,
who is paying for a wedding and a reception at a country club?
-Who asks their "ex" to dance, while their current spouse is standing right next to them?
-Why do the people that do most of the work rarely get any thanks? or even acknowledgement?
-What is the point of making a wedding the battlefield of your unresolved issues?

Do people ever 
grow up?

On the other hand,
I am so proud
to know professionals
who do their job well......really, very well.
People that unselfishly go beyond what they are paid to do.
The flowers were stunning,
The photographers were patient, and extremely professional.
The minister, co-ordinators and the organist were incredible.
The event manager, wait-staff and DJ's, at the club,  all did their job 
in a timely and smooth way.
Afterward, the wait-staff helped to load the flowers into my car,
so that they could be donated to an "Adult Daycare".
They even helped load the gifts.

I am so grateful for the people I know and love that are 
genuine, kind, generous and loving.
They are the people that went out of their way this week
to help me stay sane.
They brought me gardenias for my home.
They called to make sure I was not frantic.
They waited patiently for me to return calls.
This is real friendship!
I am blessed.