04 May 2010

What is your time worth?

I know this is a touchy subject....

All of us, who own a business
are subject to this question though....

What is your time worth?
we hear it expressed like this
"How much do you charge?"
and then we 

Lingering doubt 
overwhelms us.....
negative feedback from crazy former clients
springs back to life in our 
frontal lobe....
we don't want to say....

if we intend to become successful business
(IF is such a big word, don't you think?)

Then we must have an answer.

Here is something I have done in
the past to help me answer
 this question.

I went to seminars
conducted by "successful" people 
in my industry. 
And listened to
 what they did to 
develop their style
 and reputation.
And by,
I don't mean just 
I mean that I have 
looked at their 
seen their portfolios....
read client feedback....
and then,
made my own determination
as to their 

Did I admire their style
(remember that I am a photographer)
Do I like the way that they promoted 
themselves. In other words,
were they boastful or did their 
personal assessment have to do with
achieving high ideals?

Success is a subtle thing.
In my mind,
money has very little to do with it.

Here is an example.
Over five years ago,
I was approached about photographing a wedding.
The bride had seen my work and wondered if 
I was willing to negotiate on price.
I wasn't over-booked, so I was willing to entertain
the notion.....and the result was a lasting friendship.
Not only did I receive my base pay,
but this lovely lady is now in the same industry
 and allows me to mentor her.
It has been a win-win situation.

What am I worth?
Well, I know that my previous coverage of 
weddings says that I can record the moment 
 you want to see.
It says that I try very hard
 to stay out of the way....
 not "stage" your moment.
It says that I will make it my goal to
record people's reactions,
 and pride 
with the 
utmost of respect.
what that is worth to 

For more on this subject,
check out this article that 
instigated this train of thought.

03 May 2010

Not my daughters, but...

I have to say that I wish they were.
These are the daughters of my best friend f(rom the age of 5....)
Their mother and I have always been close.
I watched her raise them.
They are two of the most beautiful women, inside and out.
The occasion of this photo is the wedding
of the one on the right, 
Jennifer. She is joined by Lisa, her younger sister.
I love the down to earth attitude that Jennifer exhibits.
She did not want to marry in a "Big Church Wedding".
She and her beau decided to marry on
the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend. 
How sweet is that?

I would have to say that I understand 
the thinking that goes into this 
The stress of planning a wedding can 
tear a couple apart.
Trying to please everyone is 
mind numbing.

Cheers to Jennifer and Tate!