20 June 2012

If I won the lottery....

I would be living here.....

Yeah, I know....
looks pretty nice...
and BIG!

Well, it is on the market as I type,
2.4 million dollars.
Yeah, I know....

What a view!
front porch view of the water (off Nags Head, NC)
rocking chairs and swings....

I might lose the carpet....
but I would keep the shabby chic furnishings....absolutely.
(maybe a few slipcovers though)

Built in china cabinets, 
a table that seats 10 comfortably,
extra chairs at the ready...
and look at that ceiling!

here is where we need a little imagination,
honestly, I would probably "cut-loose" with the reciprocating saw in here....
but it has huge potential, and is incredibly large!

at the size of these bedrooms!
I know most people would tear out the paneling 
but, I grew up with beach houses that looked like this,
so, to me this looks comfortable, homey and easy to live with....
also, check out the door knob...I'm just sayin'.

shabby chic before it had a name....

windows galore!

and look at those sweet
custom bedspreads from the 1960s...
rick rack!

I'm telling you, 
I am in love...

I can almost smell this attic...
remember how grandmother's attic smelled?

a place for the children to stay comes with!

I think I could be very happy here,
don't you?

Well, if you have the 
dough.....you can check it out for yourself

But if you do,
remember who told you,
and invite me for a week or two, ok?

Photos are from "Village Realty Outer Banks"