06 November 2009

One of my favorite places...

This is my kitchen window...
I love sitting here.
When my girlfriends come over,
we sit here,
drinking coffee,
or a Diet Coke,
or Sweet Tea.....
Mostly, we share...
share stories,
This place is a bit elevated..
and the window is enormous,
just about 9 feet across.
We sit, talk, laugh, cry,
and occasionally
we simply watch the world go by....
I treasure my girlfriends.
These relationships
take nothing away from my
or my parents,
or our children.
In fact,
the conversations that take place here
instill in me a huge gratitude
for my life,
just as it is....
that's what my girlfriends give me...

05 November 2009

It starts so innocently......and then....

usually about 4 pm I start to think....
no, that's not exactly right...
my stomach starts to growl.
So, I ignore it until the pain and/or rumbling
starts to interfere with the task at hand.
I go start a pot of coffee.
Those of you over 50 understand this...
as it is only coffee that allows me to remain awake through
dinnertime and into the evening.
After my first cup o' joe,
I think to myself....
what's for dinner?
So I set the table,
iced tea....(yes, even in the late fall)
and then I turn to the ice chest...
and scrounge for the main event.
roast chicken,
rice simmered in homemade chicken stock....
Italian pole beans, with just a touch of seasoning.....
Now it is time for another cup o' joe....
Hmmmm the rosemary, balsamic vinegar,
garlic, onion, and lemon zest are starting to
make the whole house smell

04 November 2009

At the airport...

I had the occasion to be at the airport
I love the airport.
Most people hate the hassle...
not me.
I was a flight attendant when they broke
ground on the current terminal.
We used to work out of a building that had a ground floor
and when you boarded your flight,
your walked outside for awhile
before you came to your aircraft,
and then you climbed the stairs.
If it was raining,
you were given a huge umbrella,
that you promptly
surrendered to the agent at the bottom of the stairs,
so that the entrance to the aircraft was left free of obstruction.
Do I want to do that again....no.
On my recent visit,
I waited in the "cell phone" parking area,
close to the car rental lots...
There I was amazed at how much had changed,
how lucky I was to have worked in an industry that
has suffered greatly.
I love flying,
it used to be special.
These days it is not.
It is a hassle.
But I still love it.

These were some of the sights
that entertained me as I sat in the "cell phone" lot.
Waiting is not so bad when you have a camera.
I can always find something to shoot.
More smiles.