26 November 2010

A new recipe never hurts...

Especially when you have made the same ol' 
ever year forever!

So, when I saw this on the Cooking channel,
I thought
"I can do that!"
and I did...

I would like you to meet 
Butternut squash.

Yes, those are pecans amongst the cut up 
pieces of BNS (Butter nut squash)

This is so easy,
I am almost embarrassed to make such a big deal about it.
But, honestly, you cannot imagine how much of a hit it was 
One of the young men at our home
told me that I should make it for his rehearsal dinner!
he is not engaged!
Well, I promise to make it next time he comes for dinner, anyway.

Cut up the BNS,
toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Roast this in a hot (375* convection) oven
untill fork tender.
take out, toss with pecans,
return to oven for 10 minutes
(watch closely since ovens vary, you don't want to burn at this point)
Then take out and distrbute blue cheese (crumbled, 1 lb)
all over and return to oven for 5 minutes.
take out and serve...
the gooey cheesey yumminess,
the crunchy pecans,
and the butternut squash....
it is salty and sweet,
crunchy and soft....
Try this.
The hardest part is cutting the raw BNS.
I used my biggest knife, and my kitchen hammer...
you don't want to know much more than that...