11 May 2008

The eyes have it...

Yes, this is what your nightstand looks like when you turn 50. Dozens of cheap reading glasses, in a pile, so that you are never far away from being able to read.
You might wake in the middle of the night and be unable to fall
asleep, you'd better be prepared. Only a stack of glasses is sufficient. If you only have one pair, you will be searching for the rest of your so-called middle age.
Conveniently, I have this wonderful mother of pearl, and wood tray in which to keep mine for just such emergencies.
Other things you will find in your nightstand are;
cough drops,
earplugs (especially for spouses of snorers),
pencils and paper, so you won't forget the thing you thought of in the middle of the night,
lip gloss,
nail clippers,
a magazine or two,
heating pad,
phone book,
children's parents' numbers,
God box (for dreams),
meditation books,
more magazines,
eye drops,
and yes,
more eyeglasses......
Now you know,
middle age is not for sissies.

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