08 May 2008

I believe in Karma......

Don't tell anyone,
not a word,
please..... but I do it for free... I just love the process, the creative freedom associated with
photographing Heather's jewelry, without the restrictions of the almighty dollar. When we charge for our work, somehow it is demeaned, depreciated, sometimes demented....

I hate haggling for my price...
I believe that as an artist, if I can manage to put some work out there for free (especially to help other struggling artists) that the universe responds in kind.
I believe that by giving my talent to another artist, I will receive, not more creative juice, but easier flow.
Perhaps it would kick start a project,
zap me out of a "blocked period",
or simply make me feel good enough about myself to loosen up and let things happen.
Besides, I just love her jewelry.
This necklace reminds me of Ralph Lauren's ads.
I can just see that beautiful dark haired girl, who never seems to age, and wears his clothes perfectly, wearing this necklace with one of his long white linen dresses.... Simple, clean design.
I wish that I had better light for this shoot, but que-sera, sera...

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