13 May 2008


I love sunglasses.
Especially cheap ones. I buy tons.....
then I have them in all the cars, all the purses, and by every door.
Even though I like my eyes, I really like the feeling of hiding a little behind those dark lenses.
When I am a little puffy-eyed, from lack of sleep, or pollen, I like the confidence that the shades give me.
I love driving along with my sunglasses in my sporty new red Fit (Honda), because young men turn and look, ........if they only knew.
If I had tons of money, I would still buy cheap sunglasses, as I tend to forget where they are and sometimes, I sit on them.
I love the way little girls look when they try on my big ol' glasses, like an odd fish of some kind.
The dollar store is the best place to buy them.

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