12 May 2008


My Piggie Bank is one of my favorite Desk occupants.
Penelope is sweet, and quiet.
She goes by Penny for short, especially when she is full.
She never tells me what to do, or criticises....
She is soft, and innocent.
She is just like me in the weight department.
We gain, we lose, we stay slim for a while, and then out of the blue, we are plump again. How does that happen, Penny ol' girl?
Well, one thing for sure, I never have to worry 'bout my sweet piggie. She will stick with me thru thick and thin, no pun intended....
Well, maybe.
The one thing that Penny has, that I am a bit jealous of...Her cute little curly tail. How sweet is that ? Check it out. I'll bet if I could manage to grow one of those, all the boys would be checkin' out my back side. Guess for now I will just have to be content with our relationship as it is....Pig and pal. Ciao!

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