16 May 2008

Every cloud.....

Apparently,....... has a silver lining.
And,.....rarely do we see that lining while the storm is raging.
I almost never do...
But after the fear has passed...
and the air is clean and fresh....
I receive little wisps of feelings that say,
"you don't know the whole picture here, just wait."
And when I have the where with all to just sit and listen..... it usually comes to me.
Never while I am distracted by the clouds and the rain and the lightening, and the thunder, ooh the thunder is the worst part of it all.
Loud, raucous, impolite, and scary.
I feel like a child again and try to hunker down a little, and wait for it all to pass.
I am so grateful for the storms though, because life feels so sweet as the storm passes, and the sun starts to peak out from behind the clouds.

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