19 May 2008

What is it about photos....

And jewelry.......
I just love them both.
The way Heather twists and curls gold to form perfect little circles of gold chain, the beauty of the natural products she uses.....
All of it is so enticing.
I love the process of finding new ways to photograph her creations.
She is so talented that I can hardly keep up with the intriguing designs.
I still love it all.

This weekend,
I planted flowers with a friend.
We had white, red, purple, yellow and pink flowers to assemble, and the whole time, I felt as though I was painting with the various flowers and greenery.

The creative process..... it becomes easier when I get away from the projects that have deadlines,
maybe that's why they are called deadlines, they kill the creative process.....

Just a thought.

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  1. Oh, so true! And don't you just love finding new ways to let that creative spirit roam free?



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