08 February 2009

Still more layers....

Still pealing...
Well, there is one very interesting aspect of being in this process.....
As the layers pile up behind me, I am able to look at them with some perspective.
Not always, this is not a perfect process (or maybe,....it is).
But occasionally, I look back at a part of me that has undergone transformation,..... or I have outgrown,...... or I have simply discarded,..... and I can see it for what it really was.
I find that it was only an old tool
that I used to get me through a rough patch,
or maybe it was learned behaviour from childhood,
or maybe it was just me being selfish.
Whatever it was, it doesn't suit me any longer,
and I must get rid of it.
If I don't, it will fester and irritate me.
I don't' dare forget the layer though,
for if I do.....
It will creep back into my repertoire,
I will use it, as it is familiar.....
and if not really careful, I will allow it to
become part of me again,
and the whole process will start over.
Growing up is so very hard to do....

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