11 February 2009


Does anyone have any idea why they call it "menopause",
when in fact nothing is actually pausing?
It seems that everything is happening at once,
wrinkles, pimples, skipped periods, cramps,
more zits, more wrinkles to match them,
mood swings, hot flashes, heat rash,
heels splitting due to dry skin.
What the hell is going on here?
One day I feel like a teenager, full of zest for living
and the very next day, I can hardly get out of bed,
achy, tired and simply beat by gravity.
This fern is in the east facing window of my living room.
It has survived and prospered even with the dry heat air of winter.
I mist it everyday, and water often.
It looks great!
I wonder if I should start misting myself?

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