12 February 2009

Valentine's Day celebrations...

This was the scene of a V-Day party I photographed years ago.It was sort of a crazy affair at a home where no one actually seemed to live. I was recommended by the caterer, who I had known for a number of years. It was what I would call a mansion, I didn't even see the whole thing. Brand New, huge, very fancy, and not at all the sort of place I would feel "at home" in....
Well, it was a paying job, and I needed the money, so I packed up the day before and called my regular "assistant". She apologized and said she was out of the state and would not return for days. HOLY COW!
You see, I never go on an assignment without an assistant. Not because I need the help, so much, but because I don't want my equipment stolen, broken, splashed, hidden, sat-on, etc...
All of which has happened at one time or another. So....I asked another friend to help me out and offered to pay him the regular amount, he refused, and said he would do it for free. Well, I wasn't in a position to argue with him, so off we went. The night was fine, and I got paid.
But the biggest thing that came out of this strange affair was my husband.
You see, that assistant was "he".
He helped me, and understood my profession.
We fell in love over the next few months,
and were married on Jan. 1, 2005.
We count Valentines day as our first date.
I am blessed.

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