13 February 2009

How hard it is to accept the unacceptable....

Who among us can't relate to Viola?
How many times has life given someone else,
who we see as undeserving, the better deal?
How many times have we said "NO FAIR!",
and pointed out the other person's faults?
The only thing that growing older really gives you is a little perspective.
If you are open to it,
and very lucky.
The last 24 hours have seemed particularly unfair.
Details are unimportant.
But today I am grateful that I am older and tiny bit wiser,
and know in my heart that everything will be OK.
Life goes on whether we choose to participate or not.....
If we choose to "be in the game",
we have to accept that we will not always win.
And sometimes life does seem to be unfair....

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