15 February 2009

A Change of outlook......

An entirely new outlook.....
That's what is called for in these frightening economic times.....
Lost jobs, disillusioned employees, pressured employers, slow sales....
We are all feeling it, regardless of our financial situations...
The one thing that I am quite sure of....
Americans are a resilient bunch.
It takes a crisis, sometimes,..... for us to rise to the challenge.
I am confident, just for today, that we will all be better for this.
Re-evaluating our lives goes right along with the change.
Let's all pull ourselves up out of our doldrums,
BAKE something for Pete's sake!
That's what my grandmother would do.
Everyone take a break to step back from the fear,
and then let's tackle the unthinkable.


  1. Years ago, after we heard about a death in our family, my husband and I each had a different response (which we could laugh about much later, when the crisis had passed).

    HE started making lists of things to do and people to call. I went into the kitchen and started cooking. Being in the kitchen is very soothing for me.

  2. If that's what change looks like - I'll be right over! How yummy!


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